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Hands-on Instruction

Recently receive a DSLR Camera as a gift or buy one for yourself? Want to take photos like the ones posted, but intimidated by the instructional manual and all the camera buttons? Unsure about lenses, filters, software, etc. Prefer in-person instruction over videos or how-to books? 

I completely understand how you might be feeling. I experienced the same trials and tribulations learning the art and science of photography. I will walk you through the basic concepts of DSLR photography with personal instruction so you can enjoy the power of your new camera.


1)   Basic & Advanced Camera Controls

2)  The Viewfinder

3)  RAW vs. JPEG

4)  Exposure Triangle & Light

5)  Auto-Focus & Metering Modes

6)  Depth of Field & Shutter Speed

7)  Rule of Thirds & Composition

7)  Lenses & Filters

8)  External Lights & Flash

9)  Landscape & Macro Tips

10) Advanced Skills - Exposure & Focus Lock, Bracketing & HDR

11)  Adobe Lightroom Essentials

Rate:  $50/hr

Location:  Based in Mammoth Lakes, California. Willing to travel between Bishop & Lee Vining.